About us

Company history

The company Hofer d.o.o. – precizni alati was recapitalized on 15 May 1998 with headquarters in Jastrebarsko, Repišće 42c. The company started operating on 15 September 1991 when the company Hofer d.o.o., involved in the same business activities, was founded. It dates way back to 1984 when a special tools sharpening workshop (Brusionica specijalnih alata) was founded. The workshop was one of a kind in the wider surrounding area and most of the work involved the production and renewal of special diamond tools for the companies operating at that time, such as Energoinvest, TAM, Mega, Rade Končar, Elektrokovina, Domel, Iskra, Tlos, Jugoturbina etc.

In 1993 the company Hofer d.o.o. started the wholesale business on the basis of a cooperation agreement concluded with the company Bakony Spark Plug – Veszprem – Hungary for the sale of tools and spare parts. The cooperation surpassed the limits of cooperation and a classic spare parts shop was opened, General Motors – Opel, with headquarters in Radnička cesta 1a, Zagreb.

Hofer d.o.o. today

By investing into new machinery and introducing new technologies we would like to provide our present and future customers with the best possible service and technological support and keep up with the developments in the field of processing tempered steel, gray iron and aluminium alloys. The aim which the company Hofer d.o.o. hopes to achieve through the afore-mentioned activities is increase export and placement of our products in all neighbouring countries, especially in the Republic of Slovenia. We at the company Hofer d.o.o. are aware that only high-quality products and services can ensure our presence on the market and that only such an approach can meet all of our customers' needs and expectations.

The success of the company Hofer d.o.o. lies in keeping our customers satisfied and we therefore try to understand the present and future needs and expectations of the users of our products. We are aware that only by using such an approach we can meet the customers' demands and keep doing business with them as satisfied business partners who will always opt for our product.

Our company policy is to always deliver products which meet the customers' demands. Our technical expertise is constantly at our customers' disposal. All activities are carried out with the intention to ensure high quality of our products and services and our overall business operations.

The company Hofer d.o.o. aims at placing the customer in the very centre of all business moves and company management decisions, constantly improving all company processes and enabling all employees to improve and take personal responsibility for the quality of their work.

The quality of our products is the most important reason why a satisfied customer would return. Therefore, when it comes to quality, the Hofer d.o.o. company employees do not consider it only a technical term but a way of thinking and acting which only a satisfied customer will confirm.